My Very First Licensing Deal

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About a year ago, long before I was signed to an exclusive fabric licensing contract, I had the great thrill to sign my very first licensing deal. There is a company in the US, Jelly the Pug, that makes really fun, colourful girls’ clothing that asked me to design a number of collections for them. The plan is to release them over a number of seasons, starting with Fall 2012.

The first collection was recently released, featuring my Whatever the Weather fabric. They created a whole range of dresses and skirts in both woven cotton and cotton knit.

I was very nervous going into it, not knowing what to expect, whether I was signing a good deal or not. With some very generous information gleaned from a number of other Spoonflower designers who had already taken the licensing leap, I held my breath and jumped right in. I decided that I needed to start somewhere, that the fee they were offering seemed fair, and they didn’t want exclusive rights to the designs. And, quite frankly, the thought of little girls all around the world (they sell internationally) having fun in clothing featuring my designs was too much to pass up.

I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it is to finally see the first results. And the knowledge that there are 4 or 5 more collections to come … well … I’ll be doing a happy dance for a long time to come. Thanks Jelly!

Tea Towels, Tea Towels & More Tea Towels

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I recently ordered some of my favourite Spoonflower fabric …  linen-cotton canvas. My intention was to make a big stack of tea towels for the Marché Casse Noisette (the Nutcracker Craft Show, put on by Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal). With great delight, I opened the nice big box and perused my selections. I quickly grabbed a pair of scissors, happy to seize the moment. No procrastination here!

I cut … I sewed …

I cut … and I sewed some more …

I had even gotten around to finally ordering some fabric with my 2013 calendar, as well as some with an illustrated recipe for my very favorite soup.

That last one also dictated what we had for dinner that night.

I now have 50 pretty tea towels that are looking for happy homes. Here’s hoping the Marché is a successful one!

Wallpapering … small scale

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I was so excited today to see the new post on the Spoonflower blog by Emma Jeffery. She modernized her daughter’s dollhouse with some new wallpaper.

And, guess what … they are almost all my designs (except for the horse one at the top), printed on gorgeous Spoonflower wallpaper. You can find them here and here.

My Mom has a dollhouse kit that she bought when we were kids that never got fully assembled. I think it’s going to be a Christmas present for Em this year. I was thinking of doing exactly this with it and now that I see these results, I can’t wait for Santa to come.

Movember Fun

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A little Movember fun this morning. A logo I created for (if they like it) my loved one & his team of misfit free diver buddies who are taking on the challenge.