A 6-year old’s Sewing Project

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I was out and about last Friday and wanted to get a little something to spark a weekend craft project for my Em. I happened upon, for the very first time, some simple, sweet little kits from Lamali.

I love the fact that they are open-ended, they spark the imagination to go in whatever direction it chooses. There are no images of suggested finished projects, or instructions. Simply a little sac of felted shapes, some pretty ribbon, embroidery floss, a few little bobbly bits and a bag of bright sequins and glass beads.

And at an average price of $3.99, how could one go wrong?

She had a clear idea in mind almost immediately (a night scape) and spent all of Sunday morning and evening working away. I gave minor assistance with needle threading, knot tying & careful cutting as per her hand-drawn pattern pieces, but the rest is all her.

I love the immediacy with which children make their decisions. “This is what I want to do & I’m 100% ready!”, “That fabric, not the other ones!”, “This is where it has to go!” and, the one I love the most, “It doesn’t need any more on it. Sometimes adding more is just too much, Mummy!”

The moon was the last addition. She was finally fading, my girl, so 3 giant stitches & all was done.

A New Toy … I mean, Tool

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Late last year I turned on our 8-yr old Fuji camera to take what I’m sure would have been the most breathtaking of photos, and psychedelic lines showed up in my viewfinder. Our friendly camera store guy confirmed it: not worth resuscitating. He actually said the typical lifetime of a camera is about 8 years. Greg suggested the manufacturers add a self destruct button when the time is up.

So, a-researching I went. I figured that I should just look at blogs that I love and see what kind of cameras creative bloggers use to document their work, surroundings & inspiration.

One answer kept popping up: Cannon EOS T3i (or 2i or 4i). In typical fashion, when I began looking at the Cannon options, I started to get carried away with the better, better and better models until I found myself looking at $1500 cameras. Reality check.

When I had come back down to Earth, I found myself a pretty good deal online, and have been playing with and thoroughly enjoying my new toy ever since.

That’s Max’s leftover birthday cake in one of my very favourite Christmas presents (thanks Sis).

And I’m starting to appreciate the beauty of the mundane carnation. More happy, warm colour in this -38ºC weather.

Up, Up & Away

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There is a new range of girls’ clothing using my Up, Up & Away fabric collection on the market. Jelly the Pug has made more pretty dresses & yes, more ruffled derrières.

A bit of Spring in this deep-freeze January week.

My Little Boy is Growing!

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Today, our sweet, cuddly, funny Max is 5! I ask him with regularity to stop growing so quickly, but he insists he’s not able and that it must continue.

He has almost always been a happy, happy boy … even as a baby, always with a big smile on his dimpled face. Today his focus shifts with regularity from pirates to knights & castles, to cars & trucks, to bandits, to anything that flies. He is all boy!

Greg made him some incredible new wooden toys. A rocket and a spaceship. Truly a loving Papa whose creativity inspires me!

My minute contribution was painting the peg guys & adding Max’s name & the date to each vehicle.

They are to add to the other vehicles he has made for past birthdays and other special occasions. I will do a post about the whole lot soon.

But for today, Happy, Happy Birthday Maxou! You are loved!

Happy 2013! It’s Been a While …

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A Happy Happy 2013 to you all!

I know … I’m late. The time is a flyin’. A couple weeks of holidays go by and I, as usual, have a hard time getting back in the swing of things. It seems to always take a while to get the brain on track and focused on work. It’s happier doing a bit of everything and, on occasion, a bit of nothing.

So, here’s a little of what I’ve been up to:

– We went to spend Christmas with my parents in a little fishing village in Nova Scotia (no, my Dad’s not a fisherman, just loves living on the ocean). The kids were thrilled to spend time with them, and we stayed longer than anticipated so that they could hang out with their cousins. Here are the 3 girls sporting new Christmas presents (I couldn’t resist).

– My Mom gave me an insane 1500 piece puzzle (I love puzzles) that completely devoured 3 days of my life.

– I’ve been organizing.
A place for everything and everything in its place. This is an old shadow box of my Mom’s that I rescued from her crawl space. It has found a home in a happy almost-5-year-old boy’s room.

– I’ve been finally getting around to hanging pictures, prints, paintings & whatnot.
Somehow, even after trying my hardest, I always seem to end up with a pile of objects for which I simply cannot find a logical home. Treasures, kids’ 3-dimensional artwork that’s too good to get rid of, broken watches that need to be repaired or tossed … the list goes on. This time I am determined. It will not just get stashed in a bin, basket or box till next year. So for the moment, it graces our bedroom floor & I’m slowly working away at it. Small successes every day.

– I’ve been re-embracing cooking. Hopefully this will last longer than a week or two.

– I’ve been buying books.

– I’ve been reading.

-And finally, I’m getting back to work. New projects are popping up. Fun, fun, fun!