A New Toy … I mean, Tool

Posted by on Jan 24, 2013 in Blog, Learning

Late last year I turned on our 8-yr old Fuji camera to take what I’m sure would have been the most breathtaking of photos, and psychedelic lines showed up in my viewfinder. Our friendly camera store guy confirmed it: not worth resuscitating. He actually said the typical lifetime of a camera is about 8 years. Greg suggested the manufacturers add a self destruct button when the time is up.

So, a-researching I went. I figured that I should just look at blogs that I love and see what kind of cameras creative bloggers use to document their work, surroundings & inspiration.

One answer kept popping up: Cannon EOS T3i (or 2i or 4i). In typical fashion, when I began looking at the Cannon options, I started to get carried away with the better, better and better models until I found myself looking at $1500 cameras. Reality check.

When I had come back down to Earth, I found myself a pretty good deal online, and have been playing with and thoroughly enjoying my new toy ever since.

That’s Max’s leftover birthday cake in one of my very favourite Christmas presents (thanks Sis).

And I’m starting to appreciate the beauty of the mundane carnation. More happy, warm colour in this -38ºC weather.

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  1. G'ma
    January 24, 2013

    the carnation is beautiful…. almost resembles a peony in that close up