My Little Boy is Growing!

Posted by on Jan 15, 2013 in Blog, Family

Today, our sweet, cuddly, funny Max is 5! I ask him with regularity to stop growing so quickly, but he insists he’s not able and that it must continue.

He has almost always been a happy, happy boy … even as a baby, always with a big smile on his dimpled face. Today his focus shifts with regularity from pirates to knights & castles, to cars & trucks, to bandits, to anything that flies. He is all boy!

Greg made him some incredible new wooden toys. A rocket and a spaceship. Truly a loving Papa whose creativity inspires me!

My minute contribution was painting the peg guys & adding Max’s name & the date to each vehicle.

They are to add to the other vehicles he has made for past birthdays and other special occasions. I will do a post about the whole lot soon.

But for today, Happy, Happy Birthday Maxou! You are loved!