The Dollhouse Unearthed

Posted by on Feb 20, 2013 in Blog, Family

Well, perhaps not unearthed, but this poor wooden house was dragged out of a tight storage space in my parents’ house over the holidays.

It has already lived a well-travelled life, having been purchased in Ontario around 35 years ago by my Mom who was trying to fulfill a childhood dream she had. It was brought to Trinidad where we lived at the time, and after a bit of fledgling work on it, she realized that old dream had long ago fizzled out. It made the trip back to Canada with us when we returned to live here about 10 years later. All that back and forth and change of climate coupled with time have taken their toll. The poor thing needs some love & attention.

First, the structure needs a bit of help. We put glue between the layers of plywood that had separated and clamped it to dry with some cute clothespins. Next, a bit of sanding & some paint will work wonders.

We are determined, Emma & I. We have made a wish list of items to create or find, that ranges from a sofa to bunk beds, to a set of lounge chairs and a parasol (she has lofty thoughts, this 6 yr old). Wallpaper is being designed (by the 6 yr old … yes, it’s going to be a pretty funky house, indeed). We have started creating dish ware, vases and planters.

Along with the house, there were some treasures in an old box: a wooden stairway that needs assembly, some china dishes & glassware, bathroom fixtures (even a toilet paper roll & holder) and some victorian furniture. These will be mixed with decidedly more modern finds, and hopefully someday in the not-too-distant future, an eclectic, fun dollhouse will take pride of place in her bedroom.

Oh, and don’t for a minute think we forgot the family that lives therein. Here’s the beginnings of it.

Yes, until we find some larger guy peg dolls, there are 2 moms, very fancilly dressed; a Russian-looking son with cape & cozy hat; another son in striped-tshirt, but no pants; and a little girl in sunny yellow. They were a fun project we did with whatever wonderful hand-dyed wool fabrics & embroidery yarns we could find in my Mom’s craft room.

Thanks Mom!