More Grownup Than Yesterday

Posted by on Mar 27, 2013 in Blog, Family

Emma ran into the bathroom this morning, squealing in delight, to let me know that she can now officially do sooooo much more than she could before, as today she is 7 years old, and therefore much more grownup than yesterday. The smile in my heart (as well as on my face) was only slightly tempered with the thought that she is so far removed from that tiny little girl who came into our lives seven years ago today.

I wanted her day to be as special as possible from the get-go, so I had done a wee greeting for her last night. This is the doorway to our kitchen/dining room where we spend our mornings.

I had offered to make cupcakes for her class as a special birthday treat today. Initially the plan was simple chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting. But no. Something more special, Mummy. I was game. I figured an hour or two was no big deal to make my daughter extra happy.

Five hours later, her class was complete.

Here she is on the right with her best buddy, Aya.

I used a really easy cupcake recipe, a yummy frosting recipe (with some cocoa powder added for darker skin tones), melted milk & dark chocolate for most hair (some are coloured crystallized sugar), m&m’s, jelly beans (halved) and other random candy for facial features. Each got a little name tag flag to avoid classroom chaos.

She was beyond thrilled with them this morning, and so excited to be able to share her special day with her class.

Happy Happy Birthday my beautiful, smart, loving, creative girl. Our life is so much fuller since you’ve come into it!


  1. Kari
    March 27, 2013

    Happy of happiest days miss Emma!!!!

  2. G'ma
    March 27, 2013

    my darling you have outdone yourself….. those are the coolest cupcakes ever and I hope all the little darlings loved them both to look at and to eat

  3. Patty Rybolt
    March 27, 2013