In with Spring!

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Was unable to remain patient this morning while I waited for a delivery of yardage … Yes, YARDAGE!, of my collections, so I set to work.

Out with the old, the dingy, the dirty, the dark (winter slush, salt and muck does wonders for an already dreary entry rug).

And in with the new! (thanks Ikea for bringing creative, bold, inexpensive & cheerful design to our lives).

And an open door for the first time in about 7 long months. Yay Spring!!!!!

The 3rd Dimension

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I have taken the plunge and decided to participate in this Spring’s Quilt Market! I am therefor stressing myself much more than any logical person would or should as to what to make for my wee little 5 x 10 ft booth. I have to show two very different collections in this tiny space. And to complicate matters, I will not have any fabric until some time next week. Then I have to sew like crazy in order to ship everything to get all the way from Montreal to Portland, OR by May 15th. I thought writing about it might help take away the tension I am feeling.

Oh yeah … and I have to photograph finished items to include in a brochure I am designing that has to be printed the end of April. THE END OF APRIL!

I tend to think 2-dimensionally. I see the surface of things very clearly, but struggle more with imagining the 3rd dimension. I can’t tell you how many times Greg has asked me if I’d like furniture positioned a certain way & I have to ask him to move it for me to see, so that I can make a decision. I’m obviously lacking in 3-D imagination. So trying to visualize a booth space … well, there’s half a dismantled room in our home as a result with tape lines on the floor and walls. This helps with the spacial concerns. But my 3-D limitations exist also in envisioning the items I will include in said booth. It is a quilt market after all, so I will have to have a quilt or 2 (not looking forward to taking care of that part, but I’m up for the challenge). Then I would also like some clothing, perhaps an upholstered piece of furniture, some cushions, some fun playful items, etc. And we must not forget giving the whole thing context. Sure I can just throw a bunch of items into a booth, but in my mind, it would be much more effective if there is some sort of a theme or feel to it all. Think of the gorgeous Amy Butler booths:

So I have worked out the ambiance. Young, playful and Summery (fingers crossed it comes across as I imagine). Now to decide on actual items to sew. I think sewing children’s items is a good solution, as they should take less time and be easier structurally. I would like to make myself a few items as well that I could actually wear in the booth (This is probably important to avoid giving the impression that I see the fabrics as purely for a young market). I’m torn between making things easy on myself and going with simple forms vs. trying to create really special items. I guess I have to keep in mind the importance of the fabrics in all this, and not get carried away with elaborate ideas. Simple can be highly effective, right? Right!

I am making lists. Trying to be methodical and plan, plan, plan. Deep breath.

I will travel with camera in hand so that I can share the results with you.