Quilt Market Spring 2013

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I have been overwhelmed with a mountain of work since getting back home. But finally I have sorted through images.

So, go grab yourself a cup (or glass) of whatever you may enjoy drinking while you relax, sit back and enjoy the visual feast of Quilt Market as I saw it.

First up, the non-printed fabric booths that wowed me, starting with Alyssa Thomas’ Penguin & Fish. The cutest embroidery kits & patterns. Ok, she also had a lovely co-ordinating line of fabric come out with Clothworks at the show that you can see a bit of in the 1st photo … but those kits!

And then there was SkipStone Creations. Sewing kits & patterns for some sweet soft stuff.

Heather Bailey’s booth was so beautiful! A whole wall that she embroidered during booth setup. She wasn’t showing fabric, but her embroidery kits. She very fittingly won for Best Creative Booth.

I had seen the odd online photo of products by Renaissance Ribbons, but was amazed at the detail they are able to achieve in their woven ribbons.

And the fabric … I will start with the designers who I didn’t know anything or very much about, but who made a big impression on me, and will work my way up to the superstars (who are superstars for a reason). First up, Mo Bedell who had her 1st collection with Andover, Full Moon Lagoon. So pretty, so colourful. And Mo was one of those people who was so lovely to meet. Oh, and she won the booth award for Best New Exhibitor.

One of my fellow Michael Miller designers, Violet Craft had a fantastic line, Waterfront Park, inspired by Portland. Loved the 2 colour ways she created.

Leah Duncan’s booth was quite stunning with her arresting navy wall and living room-ish display

Rashida Coleman Hale showed off her Koi collection with this little girl’s kimono and a pair of fabulous Japanese geta sandals, among other things.

Tula Pink had a BIG butterfly quilt that totally intimidated me. The quilting was so far beyond what I could ever have imagined. She was showing her new collection, Acacia.

Monaluna showed both their new line of fabrics and their new venture into sewing patterns. A gentle, calming booth to be around. Love that dotted dress with fox apron!

Amy Butler re-released her Belle collection in a new colour way. So pretty.

Anna Maria Horner showed this simple chevron quilt that completely drew me in to its rich dreamy patterns from her Field Study collection.

And a fabulously creative booth by a fabric company for me was Art Gallery Fabrics. Line drawings of boutique windows showcasing a patchwork gown, a quilt and a stack of pillows. All so very artfully done. Sorry about the lack of great photos here. I was working around all the heads in the booth.

And then they had a small booth presenting their line of solids, Pure, that was quite magical with 2 whole walls of these colourful butterflies.

Told ya you’d need a drink & comfy chair. It took me 3 days of running off whenever there was a lull, and I still didn’t have time to see it all properly.

So happy I went!

Next up, my own wee little booth.

Design Like a Pro

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Ever wanted to learn to design repeats for fabric (or any other medium, for that matter) with Adobe Illustrator?

My talented fellow Spoonflower designer, MaJo is guiding a Skillshare class in June to teach just that.

You will learn all kinds of helpful skills & tricks, and even have access to interviews of other designers in the trade (like me) to understand how we got to the various spots we are currently at. And … did I mention there will be prizes?

Go check it out. It’s a really tiny fee for a great big bunch of helpful information!

“Flight Patterns” Has Touched Down

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So Quilt Market has come and gone and my 2 inaugural fabric lines have launched.

With great delight, I can finally present to you, Flight Patterns.

A collection that is all about the dream of the end of Winter. Colour, fresh air, light breezes and nature coming to life … all from a decidedly feminine point of view. While designing this line I had visions of the way bright, dappled sunlight comes through leaves of trees, hitting you right in the eye; of lazy Summer days lying on one’s back on the grass, watching friendly insects floating about overhead; of happy carefree moments, where nothing else is a priority but the beauty we see around us; and definitely of the magic that is nature, the incredible detail and symmetry in a butterfly’s wings, migration patterns and such.

It is printed on Michael Miller Fabric’s gorgeously soft Cotton Couture base cloth. That means it is an heirloom quality cotton that has a luxurious silky hand, it drapes beautifully for garment making and it is a dream to piece or quilt with. And because of the range of colours I included in so many of the prints, if you are in need of a solid to work with them, it co-ordinates wonderfully with a high percentage of their vast range of Cotton Couture solids.

This collection was a departure stylistically for me. I have found a certain comfort level with computer graphics, but here I went back to my watercolour and pen and ink roots. It was a thrill for me to design this line and to have it come together as it did. I truly hope you find some inspiration herein to create something of your own that gives you the same sense of happiness and delight I have when I look at the collection.

You can see the full pdf downloadable brochure here.

The Cat’s Out of the Bag

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I am just back from the whirlwind that was the International Quilt Market, and so I can finally tell you that I am happy as a butterfly in Summer to be a member of the wonderful Michael Miller Fabrics family. To be under contract to design for a company that is full of warm happy people who truly love what they do, have fun while they do it, and are there every step of the way to help each other out with whatever might be thrown into the daily pot of producing beautiful fabric, is a dream come true.

Their booth at Quilt Market is apparently always a must see. This season was no exception with a full size swan paddle boat plunked in the middle of it, just for the joy of giving people a laugh & great photo op. Here are a few of my fellow designers, Violet Craft and Patty Young taking a mid-afternoon break.

And in fitting fashion, the booth won the award for best multiple booths.

Being completely new to the industry meant 3 days of meeting buyers, distributers, manufacturers, sales reps, media, other designers … the list goes on. There was a steep learning curve to understanding how it all works, and where everyone fits into the equation and I tried to take every opportunity to ask every question that popped into my head so I could better understand it all.

The wealth of talent in the community is humbling, to say the least. Over the next few days I will give you a peek into just a fraction of what impressed me, that I was able to keep my wits about me and catch on camera.

I am thrilled that I made the decision to go. And at the same time, I am so happy to be back home with my family. I celebrated by making creme caramel for dessert tonight.

Fresh Air

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Amid the mad sewing rush happening around here, I just took a minute to step out on the front balcony to snap a few shots of this fabulous crabapple that graces our front yard before all the blooms fall off. They only last a few days every Spring, but they are so worth the wait.

By far the most beautiful tree on the street, it is almost as tall as our 2-storey house … and the fragrance is just as fantastic!