Quilt Market Spring 2013

Posted by on May 28, 2013 in Blog, Quilt Market

I have been overwhelmed with a mountain of work since getting back home. But finally I have sorted through images.

So, go grab yourself a cup (or glass) of whatever you may enjoy drinking while you relax, sit back and enjoy the visual feast of Quilt Market as I saw it.

First up, the non-printed fabric booths that wowed me, starting with Alyssa Thomas’ Penguin & Fish. The cutest embroidery kits & patterns. Ok, she also had a lovely co-ordinating line of fabric come out with Clothworks at the show that you can see a bit of in the 1st photo … but those kits!

And then there was SkipStone Creations. Sewing kits & patterns for some sweet soft stuff.

Heather Bailey’s booth was so beautiful! A whole wall that she embroidered during booth setup. She wasn’t showing fabric, but her embroidery kits. She very fittingly won for Best Creative Booth.

I had seen the odd online photo of products by Renaissance Ribbons, but was amazed at the detail they are able to achieve in their woven ribbons.

And the fabric … I will start with the designers who I didn’t know anything or very much about, but who made a big impression on me, and will work my way up to the superstars (who are superstars for a reason). First up, Mo Bedell who had her 1st collection with Andover, Full Moon Lagoon. So pretty, so colourful. And Mo was one of those people who was so lovely to meet. Oh, and she won the booth award for Best New Exhibitor.

One of my fellow Michael Miller designers, Violet Craft had a fantastic line, Waterfront Park, inspired by Portland. Loved the 2 colour ways she created.

Leah Duncan’s booth was quite stunning with her arresting navy wall and living room-ish display

Rashida Coleman Hale showed off her Koi collection with this little girl’s kimono and a pair of fabulous Japanese geta sandals, among other things.

Tula Pink had a BIG butterfly quilt that totally intimidated me. The quilting was so far beyond what I could ever have imagined. She was showing her new collection, Acacia.

Monaluna showed both their new line of fabrics and their new venture into sewing patterns. A gentle, calming booth to be around. Love that dotted dress with fox apron!

Amy Butler re-released her Belle collection in a new colour way. So pretty.

Anna Maria Horner showed this simple chevron quilt that completely drew me in to its rich dreamy patterns from her Field Study collection.

And a fabulously creative booth by a fabric company for me was Art Gallery Fabrics. Line drawings of boutique windows showcasing a patchwork gown, a quilt and a stack of pillows. All so very artfully done. Sorry about the lack of great photos here. I was working around all the heads in the booth.

And then they had a small booth presenting their line of solids, Pure, that was quite magical with 2 whole walls of these colourful butterflies.

Told ya you’d need a drink & comfy chair. It took me 3 days of running off whenever there was a lull, and I still didn’t have time to see it all properly.

So happy I went!

Next up, my own wee little booth.