My First Ever, Wee Little Quilt Market Booth

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Yes, it was tiny! All of 5′ x 10′. Actually, that shot looks like a dollhouse. Here’s some perspective and proof I was actually there:

Not only was it little, but I had to visually divide it to show the 2 separate collections and not have it all look like a jumbled visual mess.

So, one half was for Flight Patterns. A little square quilt and a simple wooden clothes rack showcasing some girls’ dresses, a skirt for me and a shirt for my boy.

A few double sided light and airy Spring/Summer scarves.

My comfy mod chair (there were many moments I was so happy to have this).

And a little friend that came along to keep me company.

And the other half was Les Monsieurs. Greg built the great display boxes for me. Well, truth be told, he built everything in the booth & the booth itself.

I wanted to show the inspiration for the line, so I brought along Max’s toys after much negotiation.

It being a quilt show, I wanted to actually quilt something for each collection, so I made a sleeping bag with built-in pillow for Max.

And a checker board to follow through on the theme of young, playful spirit.

I covered some handmade (yes, by Greg) cardboard suitcases with fabric. These were a hit!

And I made a gazillion bowties. Almost 30 in total.

And no, that is not a giant bib, as someone suggested. It is the superhero cape from the Les Monsieurs brochure cover.

I don’t think I could have effectively squeezed much more in there.

I will do some follow-up posts in the coming months with tutorials for some of the projects herein. Hope you’ve enjoyed the tour.

“Les Monsieurs” Have Arrived

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And my second collection that was shown at Quilt Market … Les Monsieurs

Today, I’m calling all boys … Gentlemen, start your engines!

A fun, youthful collection that is about doing what most boys love … racing, building and pretending to be like Dad.

Available in 3 versatile colourways. Here is Aviator (a bit earthy, but still vibrant) in some fun pillows for the young Monsieur to have fun with:

Because my boy loves getting dressed up, I made lots and lots of bowties and belts, shown here in the fun, multicoloured Soft Top:

And then there are the beautiful bright and deep blues, with hits of aqua and acid green, of Retro:

The collection was inspired by the beautiful toys Greg has been regularly making for our Max since he was born. Here are just a few.

As well as our son’s imaginings of being a race car driver, astronaut or airplane pilot. I wanted to try to bring his imagination-world to life for him on fabric.

To see all the prints available, you can view and download the official brochure here.

The fabrics will start shipping to many a lovely store worldwide in July. If you are a retailer and are interested in ordering, please check the Michael Miller website.