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Posted by on Apr 24, 2014 in Blog, Licensing, Surtex

surtex 14 - tamara kate

I’ve finally taken the leap and decided to pursue licensing my artwork on more than just fabric. While fabric is my passion, I have had many a daydream of how delightful a pattern I am creating would be on a roll of wrapping paper, a child’s cup or a sweet lamp shade. I have signed on with a wonderful artists’ rep, Painted Planet Licensing, have spent the last countless weeks pulling a portfolio together, and I am just about ready to have my work shown at THE big trade show where artists, agents and licensors connect with manufacturers and retailers, Surtex (May 18-20).

confetti mug
I would just feel happy every morning having my tea from this thus-far imaginary mug.

Why work with an agent, you ask? I have internally debated this question for a long time. The thing is, I know my strengths and my weaknesses, I know what I enjoy about my work and what I try to avoid every single time. Up until a year ago, my job for many years entailed seasonally exhibiting at trade shows. Other than organizing the physical booth set up, the process has always been a highly stressful one for me. One would think that with time I would have gotten used to it, but in fact, the opposite seems to have happened, which my poor family can attest to. I tend to heap a whole lot of stress on my own shoulders which tends to build and build the closer a show gets, until the inevitable (not at all pretty) moment when it all explodes. Who needs that in their life? Well, I have, at least for the moment, decided that I don’t. I am fine with relinquishing some control to someone who knows her industry well and who’s job it is to build and maintain partnerships with companies. That means I can focus on what I love, the creating.

I have been having fun creating a few wee posters/flyers to hopefully draw some potentially interested eyes to where my work can be found at the show. If you follow my work here, you will know this collection:

surtex 14 - tamara kate2

As the show approaches I will post a few more, but right now, time to get back at it!

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  1. Helen Serrao
    April 25, 2014

    Hope that mug becomes a reality. Would like one for Christmas…just a hint! As ever I find your work delightful….such happy design and colour, colour, colour.