Modern Sewciety Podcast Interview

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I was recently interviewed by Stephanie at Modern Sewciety and the result is now online as a podcast on her lovely website.


I talk a bit about how I got started designing fabric, my sewing ventures, and I give a little verbal preview of my upcoming fabric line, Origami Oasis. If you’d like to hear it, click here, scroll down the page a bit & either listen to it directly or download it for later listening. I come on after two other talented designers, Heather Bailey & Kelle Boyd, at about the 1hr, 30min point. I hope you enjoy! And while you’re there, browse around a bit. You’ll find all kinds of interviews with other fabric designers, pattern designers, quilters and the such. Really a wealth of interesting chats with interesting people.

Getting Away

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After a very hectic few weeks meeting work deadlines, designing a new fabric collection, finishing up colour work on another, sewing for the upcoming release of fabric collection number 5 (I am sooooo excited about this one, and it’s right around the corner… mid-September it hits the stores), adapting designs for a line of wall art, journals, sketch books, note cards and growth charts that is also coming down the pike very soon, and trying to catch a breath between racing my kids to summer camps and swimming classes, Greg took 2 weeks off work, we loaded the kids in the car and finally took a much needed vacation.

tamara kate ns beach

Off to the East coast to visit my family, we went. While I’m apt to liken a 13 hour car ride with a six- and an eight-year old in the backseat to childbirth, the good thing is you get the baby at the end of it all. We had day after day of beach wandering, kite making, fishing (or attempted fishing. Sadly, it seems the Atlantic Ocean’s fish population has all been gobbled up) and evenings of good food, good wine and good company. There were even moments of the hardest thing of all, doing absolutely nothing.

We’re back home now and still have this week ahead of us to venture where we wish, and get moments of work in on the side here and there. And some sewing… I feel like sewing today!

I hope you are all having a joyful summer. Gotta soak it all in while it lasts!

Baby Quilt with a Super Soft Back

A sweet little girl has just been born into my husband’s family. The perfect occasion for a baby quilt, handmade with love, ready to keep this wee one all cuddled up.

tamara kate - heart baby quilt

I was told her room is fuchsia, lavender and pink with butterflies and hearts, so I designed this accordingly. The heart is made of a selection of my fabrics from Flight Patterns, Helen’s Garden and Quiet Time and the background is random lower volume fabrics with the odd bit of mine thrown in for little mini-bursts of colour. I like how the grey softens the very vibrant heart.

tamara kate - heart baby quilt detail

Once the top was complete I searched for a soft option for the back. I didn’t want the quilt to go unused because it wasn’t cuddly enough for a baby. And I also didn’t want to use anything with man-made fibres, so minky was out (not to mention the stories I’ve heard of it shedding all over one’s sewing machine while stitching it). The search for a natural and soft substrate was on. So I contacted Michael Miller Fabrics to see what options they had and I hit the jackpot. Organic cotton fleece or sherpa.

michael miller organic fleece & sherpa

They are both ultra soft and cuddly, so I played eenie-meenie-minie-mo & went with the fleece. The picture above shows a piece of each, sherpa on the left, fleece in the centre, with a piece of the fleece once washed (far right). It shrinks, so pre-wash is necessary, and it also fluffs it up, adding extra body, which is lovely.

tamara kate - heart baby quilt fleece back

I hand quilted diagonal lines throughout. I am determined… my next quilt will be my first machine quilted attempt, but for this one I opted for patient, caring stitches.

tamara kate - heart baby quilt fleece back2

A last finishing touch. All done, ready to fly across the ocean to France to welcome this little one into the family.

tamara kate - heart baby quilt embroidery