Origami Oasis – Boys’ Button-Up Shirt in Fold

Posted by on Sep 8, 2014 in { Happy Sewing }, Blog, Origami Oasis

My last post was on my school-loving daughter’s back-to-school dress. Today I wanted to show you what I made for my boy… my boy that went on a short-lived hunger strike the morning of the first day back to demonstrate his lack of desire to start first grade, as that would probably mean he would have homework. Don’t worry… about 6 minutes into his strike, he caved and his sweet smile appeared as he remembered he’d be seeing his buddies too.

tamara kate - fold shirt - origami oasis3

I always want to sew clothes for them that they will happily wear regularly, so I almost always ask them to choose the fabrics. I was hoping he would go for this Fold print from Origami Oasis, and he did not disappoint. And in typical Max fashion, he went for the boldest colour choice of them all, Clementine.

tamara kate - fold shirt - origami oasis2

I won’t tell you what pattern I used, as it was not a very well written or drafted one. When a pattern says to sew something and then states that you could optionally skip that step as you will probably have to rip it out a few steps later, you know you’ll be lucky if you come out with a decent looking garment in the end. There are a few details, however that I enjoy, like the centre back pleat. And it was my first time sewing a collar with a collar stand which, well, it makes the collar stand more than flop down, which adds a nice touch. While I haven’t tried either this or this one, I am pretty sure they would be a much safer bet based on the designers’ reputations..

tamara kate - fold shirt - origami oasis

And I can happily report that the first day back was full of fun, laughs, corn on the cob and apparently marker drawing on hands. Oh yeah, and no homework… he’s warming up to first grade.