Origami Oasis Quilted Tangram Pillow by Josee Carrier

Posted by on Oct 1, 2014 in Blog, Origami Oasis

I first met Josee Carrier when I joined the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild (she is Vice President & a co-founder) late last year and have been an ardent admirer of her work ever since. Her background in engineering is highly evident in her quilting work with lovely technical piecing and hyper accurate quilting.

She also has two adorable little boys for whom she sews regularly, one of whom is the lucky recipient of her latest creation, a fun tangram pillow using Origami Oasis.

josee carrier

Come read all about it on the Michael Miller blog. You definitely don’t want to miss the beautiful quilting job she did on the back of it and she generously provides the paper piecing templates she created so you can make one of your own. You will also see the other sweet project she whipped up on the side, which I think I may have to copy for my own little boy.

Thank you, Josee! Your work continues to blow me away!


  1. Josée Carrier
    October 1, 2014

    Thanks Tamara!

  2. Cinzia Allocca
    October 2, 2014

    a great collaboration! i love what Josee has done with your beautiful fabrics!