Flight Formation Quilt

Posted by on Jul 20, 2015 in Birds & The Bees, Blog, Quilts, Tutorials

Quilt Number 2!
When I first received yardage of BIRDS & THE BEES, the Bluejay colour story quickly inspired this quilt.

flight formation quilt - tamara kate

While I almost always have ideas of what I would like to sew while I am designing fabric, it usually takes having the finished yardage in hand for me to really be able to envision how I would like to use it. For this quilt, it was the intensity of the indigo alongside the jewel tones and soft white grounds that dictated direction. I simply wanted to play with colour in a dramatic way. I incorporated squares of Cotton Couture solids, some complementary, some contrasting, to break up all the pattern a bit and arranged everything in a strong “V” down the centre for impact. Even the simple quilting lines follow the “V” throughout, as does one’s eye, that then darts around catching little glimpses of a butterfly or flower here, a bird’s head or feather there…

flight formation quilt detail - tamara kate

For the binding I chose Baby the Stars Shine Bright in Navy which frames the quilt well, with little bright stars adding a happy, confetti-like feel.

flight formation quilt detail3 - tamara kate

There is a free downloadable tutorial on the Michael Miller website for this quilt, should you desire to whip one up yourself. Enjoy!


  1. Monique
    July 20, 2015

    Wow this is so beautiful. How long does it take you to whip up these quilts? One day I will have to try making a quilt for myself but I just don’t think I have the patience at the moment.

    • Tamara
      July 21, 2015

      Thanks Monique! They generally take a few days each (I tend to work in concentrated spurts & like to get projects completed), working relatively consistently, but some are a bit quicker & some a fair bit longer. I think it all depends on how clear one’s vision is from the get-go.
      I would say that when you have a few days free & feel up to it, pick a pattern and just start. It’s really not hard and it’s nice that you can come back to it when you feel the urge.