A Frolic Knit Dress by LBG Studio

Posted by on Jun 1, 2017 in Blog, Fabric Collections, Frolic

I, like many, have next to no experience sewing with knits (something I am determined to change). Vanessa of LBG Studios though, definitely knows her way around sewing with them, so I was thrilled that she was up for sewing something for one of her kids with the new FROLIC Knits.

Her daughter, a lover of pink, chose Frolicking in Raspberry for this simple, fun summer staple of a dress.

It seems she is thrilled with her choice.

Vanessa chats about how she found the fabric was to sew with in her post and shares lots of lovely photos of her gorgeous girl modelling her dress. Come take a peek here.

Thanks for your fun contribution to the FROLIC tour, Vanessa!