My Very First Colouring Books Come To Life

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A dream job came my way last Fall. One that I was so excited to get up every day and pour myself into. With great excitement, I can finally let you know that not one, but two colouring books that I illustrated are now shipping to stores.

tamara kate coloring books

First, there is The Artist’s Alphabet, which is an elaboration on Nature Walk ABC, the alphabet panel from my latest fabric collection.

artist's alphabet cover coloured

There are more elements on each page than in the fabric, giving you more nature to delight in colouring.

tamara kate - f - colouring book

The pages are perforated, allowing for sharing, framing & hanging you artwork, and the book contains multiples of each letter, so you will have no problem spelling names and inspirational words.

tamara kate - alphabet coloured 4 images

The second book is Words of Wisdom.

words of wisdom cover coloured

Over 90 unique pages (again perforated) full of inspirational words and phrases to help push us to great heights, remind us to think positively and get us out of that funk we sometimes find ourselves in. Here are a few examples of what you will find inside:

words of wisdom pages2

choose joy coloured

The books are published by Eccolo. The quality of their products is impeccable and they did not disappoint when it came to putting together these two books that I am so proud to have my name on.

You can find the books here & here.
If you have a store and are interested in carrying the books (perhaps to co-ordinate with my Nature Walk fabric line) you can contact Eccolo directly: or call at 787-686-8486 ext. 107

The Final Surtex Flyer

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surtex 14 - tamara kate3

This is the last of my Surtex flyers. A little taste of something new I’ve been working on for a while now. Young, happy & colourful. Hope you like it!

Another Surtex Flyer

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It’s getting closer. The days are being counted. My work will be there. I am trying to figure out if I will be there, myself.

surtex 14 - tamara kate4

Another promotional flyer I designed. Hope you like it!

My Work at Surtex ’14

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surtex 14 - tamara kate

I’ve finally taken the leap and decided to pursue licensing my artwork on more than just fabric. While fabric is my passion, I have had many a daydream of how delightful a pattern I am creating would be on a roll of wrapping paper, a child’s cup or a sweet lamp shade. I have signed on with a wonderful artists’ rep, Painted Planet Licensing, have spent the last countless weeks pulling a portfolio together, and I am just about ready to have my work shown at THE big trade show where artists, agents and licensors connect with manufacturers and retailers, Surtex (May 18-20).

confetti mug
I would just feel happy every morning having my tea from this thus-far imaginary mug.

Why work with an agent, you ask? I have internally debated this question for a long time. The thing is, I know my strengths and my weaknesses, I know what I enjoy about my work and what I try to avoid every single time. Up until a year ago, my job for many years entailed seasonally exhibiting at trade shows. Other than organizing the physical booth set up, the process has always been a highly stressful one for me. One would think that with time I would have gotten used to it, but in fact, the opposite seems to have happened, which my poor family can attest to. I tend to heap a whole lot of stress on my own shoulders which tends to build and build the closer a show gets, until the inevitable (not at all pretty) moment when it all explodes. Who needs that in their life? Well, I have, at least for the moment, decided that I don’t. I am fine with relinquishing some control to someone who knows her industry well and who’s job it is to build and maintain partnerships with companies. That means I can focus on what I love, the creating.

I have been having fun creating a few wee posters/flyers to hopefully draw some potentially interested eyes to where my work can be found at the show. If you follow my work here, you will know this collection:

surtex 14 - tamara kate2

As the show approaches I will post a few more, but right now, time to get back at it!

Candy Forest Swimsuits!

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I just spied some oh-so-cute swimsuits made with my Candy Forest collection of fabrics. I had licensed this collection early last year to Jelly the Pug. I knew they would be creating a line of dresses with it, but I almost fell off my chair when I saw these this morning.

From sporty to more girly-girly with ruffles … cute!

Today’s Courier Delivery: Ribbon

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I love days when either Mr. UPS or Mr. Fedex show up on my doorstep.

Today’s delivery was a good one … all the way from Germany, some beautiful intricately woven ribbon, designed by little old me!

First we have Confetti, a happy little dot that looks like a party

This is Zinnia Medallion in 3 pretty colourways

Then there is the lovely Rose Medallion

And these next ones are just incredible. Keep in mind the ribbon is all of 18mm wide when you look at the detail in these Bicycle Love beauties. They are teeny-tiny versions of these fabrics available in my Spoonflower shop.

And the last, well I’m going to keep that a secret for a little while, as it co-ordinates perfectly with an upcoming line of fabric I have in the works.

And where, you may ask, can one find these ribbons? Well, I won’t send you all the way to Germany. I am opening an Etsy shop! As soon as it’s up and running I will let you know.

Up, Up & Away

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There is a new range of girls’ clothing using my Up, Up & Away fabric collection on the market. Jelly the Pug has made more pretty dresses & yes, more ruffled derrières.

A bit of Spring in this deep-freeze January week.

Tall Ships Set Sail

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Another new collection of dresses has hit the shelves.

These ones feature my To the High Seas, Girls collection of prints. Jelly the Pug has designed some really fun layered dresses …

… and even a ruffled bum or 2.


My Very First Licensing Deal

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About a year ago, long before I was signed to an exclusive fabric licensing contract, I had the great thrill to sign my very first licensing deal. There is a company in the US, Jelly the Pug, that makes really fun, colourful girls’ clothing that asked me to design a number of collections for them. The plan is to release them over a number of seasons, starting with Fall 2012.

The first collection was recently released, featuring my Whatever the Weather fabric. They created a whole range of dresses and skirts in both woven cotton and cotton knit.

I was very nervous going into it, not knowing what to expect, whether I was signing a good deal or not. With some very generous information gleaned from a number of other Spoonflower designers who had already taken the licensing leap, I held my breath and jumped right in. I decided that I needed to start somewhere, that the fee they were offering seemed fair, and they didn’t want exclusive rights to the designs. And, quite frankly, the thought of little girls all around the world (they sell internationally) having fun in clothing featuring my designs was too much to pass up.

I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it is to finally see the first results. And the knowledge that there are 4 or 5 more collections to come … well … I’ll be doing a happy dance for a long time to come. Thanks Jelly!

Today I am Gleeful!

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Things are changing. I feel as though there is so much potential. While some parts make me nervous, I feel like this today:

What I’ve been hoping for has finally landed on my plate. I have a licensing contract with a fabric company!!!

It means cutting back in some other areas, but I know that the timing is absolutely perfect for that to happen. Changes to my routine, and surely changes to the way I work. It’s a journey I am so thrilled to embark upon.

And so, here I go … off to work.