DIY Advent Calendar

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This is an oldie, but a goodie.

advent calendar

Festive Forest Tree Decorating

This was my winning entry 3 years ago in a Spoonflower contest for advent calendars and it continues to be popular. As the air starts to get a bit chillier, sales on this and my DIY ornaments and angels fabric or wrapping paper start to pick up for the season, and this year is no exception.

advent calendar pockets

Lots of cute forest creatures come out of the pockets, one by one, to adorn a festive birch tree for the holidays. It has become part of the holiday tradition in our home, with my kids taking turns hanging them before breakfasts for the month of December. If you would like to build one into your own family’s traditions, you can order it here (I strongly suggest ordering it on the linen-cotton canvas… it has a beautiful hand and structure that is perfect for the project)>

advent calendar details

Writing this inspired me to create a new one. One that coordinates with a certain Christmas-something that just may be making its debut at Quilt Market this weekend…


The Festive Forest Advent Calendar can be found here.

They are both printed on a yard of fabric with ornaments & instructions printed alongside & a special extra something on the side.

Design Like a Pro

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Ever wanted to learn to design repeats for fabric (or any other medium, for that matter) with Adobe Illustrator?

My talented fellow Spoonflower designer, MaJo is guiding a Skillshare class in June to teach just that.

You will learn all kinds of helpful skills & tricks, and even have access to interviews of other designers in the trade (like me) to understand how we got to the various spots we are currently at. And … did I mention there will be prizes?

Go check it out. It’s a really tiny fee for a great big bunch of helpful information!

Wallpapering … small scale

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I was so excited today to see the new post on the Spoonflower blog by Emma Jeffery. She modernized her daughter’s dollhouse with some new wallpaper.

And, guess what … they are almost all my designs (except for the horse one at the top), printed on gorgeous Spoonflower wallpaper. You can find them here and here.

My Mom has a dollhouse kit that she bought when we were kids that never got fully assembled. I think it’s going to be a Christmas present for Em this year. I was thinking of doing exactly this with it and now that I see these results, I can’t wait for Santa to come.

Custom Wallpaper

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Ever thought it would be fabulous to be able to wallpaper your walls with whatever was swimming around in your head?

Well, the fabulous Spoonflower just gave all of us this option.

It’s easy to apply, easy to remove & eco-friendly and all just a click away.

And there’s a certain 6-yr old girl I know who’s mighty happy about it, indeed.

And if you don’t feel the creative urge to come up with something on your own, there is a gazillion of designers like me from whose work you can choose.